Inti-Creates Will Not Censor Gal*Gun 2’s Localization, HD Rumble Support A Possibility

Inti-Creates Will Not Censor Gal*Gun 2’s Localization, HD Rumble Support A Possibility

Nintendo is a company that is well known for censoring bits and pieces of its games. One such example is Fire Emblem Fates, where a “petting mini-game” that was available in the Japanese version of the game is completely absent in the game released in the west.

Inti-Creates is bringing Gal*Gun 2 to Nintendo Switch, and for a game that involves “shooting pheromone at girls” to chase them away, it might seem as a candidate getting butchered during the localization process.

Thankfully, Inti-Creates has absolutely no plans to censor any part of the game. Here’s what they said in an interview with Gematsu:

G: Since Gal Gun: Double Peace was banned in New Zealand, I was wondering if there are any plans to change or “censor” content for certain regions?

Takuya Aizu: “As Japanese developers, when we make games we do so for the Japanese audience we know the most first. If some country like New Zealand has to ban it, well, sorry. Anyway, the localization is up to PQube.”

Matt Papa: “We’re not going to change or censor the game. Personally as the localization director, I don’t censor anything and I have no intentions of doing so this time around either. So if New Zealand comes around with the ban-hammer again, sorry in advance to New Zealand.”

Besides localization, Inti-Creates was asked on whether they’d use HD Rumble and Gyroscope on Nintendo Switch. While Gyro has been confirmed, HD Rumble is a possibility.

G: For the Switch version, is there any intention to utilize the console’s unique features such as the HD Rumble?

Takuya Aizu: “For HD Rumble, we don’t want to just add it for the sake of it, but if we find a way for it to make sense in the Gal Gun experience, then we definitely will. We will make use of the gyro sensor, however.”

Gal*Gun 2 launches on Nintendo Switch later this year.