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GO Dead? Massive Crowds And Stampede Say Otherwise | NintendoSoup
Is Pokemon GO Dead? Massive Crowds And Stampede Say Otherwise

Is Pokemon GO Dead? Massive Crowds And Stampede Say Otherwise

It’s been two years since Pokemon GO was released in the world. Many have brushed the game off as a fad, but even so, it seems that the game is still very popular around the world.

During the last Pokemon GO Community Day featuring Beldum, trainers in Spain, Mexico, Chile, and Singapore reported large crowds and even stampedes due to the appearance of Mewtwo or other Pokemon such as 100% perfect Beldum.

Check out the photos and videos below. Please note some videos are from Facebook, so you need to turn off your browser’s privacy settings in order to view them.

Stampede in Mandrid, Spain:

Huge crowd outside and inside mall in Singapore:

Huge crowd and stampede in Santiago, Chile

"Pokemon Go is dead"… – Beldum 100% Santiago Chile from TheSilphRoad

Pokemon Go Stampede in Santiago de Chile from TheSilphRoad

Large gathering in Mexico

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