Isabelle Looks Hideous In SoulCalibur VI

Isabelle Looks Hideous In SoulCalibur VI

Ever since the launch of SoulCalibur VI on PS4 and Xbox One, players have been recreated characters such as Bowsette and Boosette thanks to SoulCalibur VI’s powerful character creation system.

Today Japanese Animal Crossing fan @Boke_ took a stab at recreating the adorable Animal Crossing secretary Isabelle in SoulCalibur VI.

Here’s how Isabelle looks like in SoulCalibur VI:

Compare it to the real Isabelle below:

As you can tell, the details pretty much match the actual Isabelle that we all know and love. But she looks like she’s on steroids in this game.

In case you haven’t noticed, Isabelle’s eyes are red in SoulCalibur VI, and for a good reason. @Boke_ said Isabelle’s eyes are red because she has been overworking.

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