It’s Been 20 Years Since Nintendo Introduced Waluigi To The World

It’s Been 20 Years Since Nintendo Introduced Waluigi To The World

20 years ago, Nintendo launched Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 console – and unintentionally created a walking meme into the world of videogames!

Indeed, the sports game’s original release on 21 July 2000 was the first ever appearance of Waluigi himself – the purple-clad alter-ego to Luigi, and supposed partner-in-crime with Wario. Since then, he’s mainly only featured in other Super Mario spin-off titles such as the Mario PartyMario Kart, and Mario Golf.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we left out his role as an Assist Trophy in more recent Super Smash Bros. games – which has long been a sore point of fans who desperately want him to become a playable fighter. But alas, Nintendo seems committed to keeping the character low-key for as long as humanly possible.

This hasn’t stopped Waluigi’s fanbase from championing the lanky underdog wherever they can, though. From photoshopping their own Waluigi Cereal to voting him to the top of Nintendo’s Valentine’s Day poll last year – many just want to see the character get the limelight for once. Even companies like Discord have voiced their support for Waluigi, asking Nintendo publicly if they could purchase the rights to the character (even if merely in jest).

Will Waluigi ever make it into the Fighter’s roster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Or is he doomed to clown around in spin-off games forever? Well, regardless of what Nintendo chooses to do with him in the next 20 years – Waluigi’s fans will probably continue to soldier on!

What about YOU? Are you a fan of Waluigi, or are you tired of all the memes? Feel free to share below!