Japan: Make Your Own Pokemon Jewellery At U-Treasure

Japan: Make Your Own Pokemon Jewellery At U-Treasure

For a limited time, Pokemon fans will be able to make and customize their very own Pokemon jewellery at U-Treasure Shinjuku and Nagoya from September 15 to October 14, 2018.

During the event, Pokemon fans who wish to make jewellery will be assisted by professionals in the manufacturing process. They’ll also be able to choose the materials and Pokemon they’d like to see on their ring or necklace. There are 87 different Pokemon to choose from.

Here are the details on the event:

DIY items: Ring, Necklace, Bangle

Time required: 2 hours (you’ll receive the finished product 3 weeks later)

Prices and materials (inclusive 8% sales tax):

  • Silver Ring: 20,520 yen
  • Silver Necklace: 21,600 yen
  • Silver Bangle: 23,760 yen

It’s also possible to choose other materials such as K18 Yellow / Pink/ White Gold. Please ask the store for more details.

Apron and tools will be provided for free.

Here’s the address of U-Treasure Shinjuku and Nagoya:

U-Treasure Shinjuku Store (Tokyo)

Address: 〒160-0023 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Nishishinjuku, 3 Chome−1, West Shinjuku Small Exit Building 2F

Telephone: 03-6304-5260

11:am to 7pm, closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays (open on public holidays)

〒160-0023 東京都新宿区西新宿3-1-3 西新宿小出ビル2F 03-6304-5260

K-Uno Made-To-Order Salon (Nagoya)

Address: 1 Chome-2-1 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 〒450-8505, Meitetsu Department Store Main Building 1F

Telephone: 052-585-7688

10am to 8pm, closed days to be determined

ケイウノ オーダーメイドサロン名鉄店(名古屋)
〒450-8505 愛知県名古屋市中村区名駅1丁目2-1 名鉄百貨店本店本館1F 052-585-7688