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Ultimate Dock And Joy-Con To Be Sold Separately | NintendoSoup
Japan: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dock And Joy-Con To Be Sold Separately

Japan: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dock And Joy-Con To Be Sold Separately

The official My Nintendo Store in Japan is planning to offer the items exclusive in the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Set as separate items, something that’s not happening anywhere else in Japan and the world.

Both the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch Dock are currently available for pre-order for 8078 yen and 6458 yen respectively. The dock does not come with any HDMI cables or AC adapters. While the bundle with everything included ships November 16, 2018, customers who purchase the Joy-Con and/or Dock will receive it on December 7, 2018. You could even buy the packaging for 540 yen.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: NintendoSoup Store is now offering these internationally. Click here to visit the store. Click the links to buy: Joy-Con / Dock