A Japanese Family Has Been Lining Up Together In A Switch Lottery For 3 Months

A Japanese Family Has Been Lining Up Together In A Switch Lottery For 3 Months

Here’s another incredible story showing how persistent the Japanese are in purchasing a Nintendo Switch.

According to a story from Tokudane which aired in Japan on August 15th, a family has been lining up together at their local Nintendo Switch lottery every week since May.

Retailers such as Bic Camera usually hold Switch lotteries every Saturday and Sunday, which give people the opportunity to win a chance of buying a set. Usually thousands will turn out every week for these lotteries, resulting in very long lines.

The special thing about this family is all 3 generations of their family participated in the lottery – children, parents, and grandparents.

Despite them queuing up in numbers larger than anyone else, up till today they’ve had no luck in winning the Switch lottery to purchase a Nintendo Switch for the young boy in the family who wants one.

Despite losing the lottery 12 weeks in a row, they’re still pretty optimistic about it. The family says if they win the Switch lottery, “Our child will be engrossed in games and the family couldn’t go out for outings anymore”. And if they lose again, “We’ll try again next weekend, and have an enjoyable meal together outside.”

It’s so heart warming to see how a family stands in line together with their son, every week, battling the heat just to win a Nintendo Switch. Let’s hope they finally get to buy one soon!


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