Over 5000 People Lined Up To Win A Chance Of Buying A Switch In Japan

Over 5000 People Lined Up To Win A Chance Of Buying A Switch In Japan

It seems the crazy demand for Nintendo Switch hasn’t lowered at all in Japan. Despite the huge amount of replenishments flooding Japanese retailers in the past two weeks, the record for the longest line to purchase a Switch has been broken.

Previously it was 3000 – now it’s 5000.

In Japan, due to the extraordinary demand of the Switch, retailers such as Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera tend to hold lotteries on weekends. Customers queue up to receive a number, and pray that their number is lucky enough to give them the chance of buying the prized system.

On Saturday, around 5000 people were found lining up outside Bic Camera Ikebukuro in Tokyo.

It’s probably very hard to tell from the photo the extend of the queue, so a passerby has drawn it on a map.

It wasn’t only happening in Tokyo, either. Around 5000 people in Kawasaki were lining up for the Switch lottery on Sunday morning.

In another location, around 5000 people were queuing for a Switch lottery organized by Bic Camera.

On Sunday, things have slightly cooled down, as 3000 people returned to queue outside Bic Camera Ikebukuro. Out of the 3000, only 10% returned home with a Nintendo Switch.

With the high amount of interest surrounding the Nintendo Switch in Japan, we wonder how much longer the lines would become in the next few weeks, especially after Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. releases on August 25th.