Japanese Pokemon Fans Demand To Know Which Pokemon Have Been Cut From Sword And Shield

Japanese Pokemon Fans Demand To Know Which Pokemon Have Been Cut From Sword And Shield

This Friday, The Pokemon Company reminded Pokemon fans that pre-orders for Pokemon Sword and Shield are going to officially kick off on July 12, 2019 in Japan.

The official tweet made by The Pokemon Company received some very interesting comments from Japanese fans, giving us an idea on how they feel about the #BringBackNationalDex movement. These fans wanted to know which Pokemon have been cut from Pokemon Sword and Shield, and they want to have the full list before pre-orders begin next Friday.

Here are some of their comments as translated by NintendoSoup:

“Could you please announce the Pokemon that aren’t compatible (with Pokemon Sword and Shield) before pre-orders start? It’s cruel to find out myself that my favorite Pokemon is missing after I purchase the game.”

“Before pre-orders begin, can you please provide a list of Pokemon that are appearing and not appearing in the games on the official website?”

“Still unsure whether I should buy it.”

“I’m planning to pre-order both games early, but…

you should reveal the full list of Pokemon appearing in the game so people can decide whether or not to buy it!

There’s a chance sales will decrease if you do that, but I hope your company will show sincerity during these times.”

Some people continue to question why The Pokemon Company did not provide an official statement on the National Dex issue directly to Japanese customers:

“Are you serious? You’re still hiding the fact that Pokemon are going to be cut from the game when pre-orders are about to begin?

I have a feeling you’re going to continue to hide the fact even after the release date.”

“I fully understand that you aren’t going to improve the cut Pokemon situation.

But you should at least make an effort to inform and explain the situation to your customers who still remain unaware about it.

Would (The Pokemon Company) like to result in strangling itself?”

“Why hasn’t The Pokemon Company announced the cut Pokemon issue in Pokemon Sword and Shield on the official Japanese website and Twitter account? There are going to be a lot of people unaware of the situation who will be disappointed as they couldn’t meet their favorite Pokemon in the games.”

“Until now, your company still hasn’t officially announce to the Japanese market that Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, and some Pokemon are going to be cut from the games. I want to avoid the situation where an increasing number of users feel deceived as the day pre-orders begin approaches. I feel there are a lot of fans who are waiting for more information before deciding whether to purchase the games.”

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