Japanese Scalpers Abuse 20% Cashback Scheme By Scooping Up Nintendo Switch Systems

Japanese Scalpers Abuse 20% Cashback Scheme By Scooping Up Nintendo Switch Systems

As you all know, there’s an ongoing Nintendo Switch shortage and Ring Fit Adventure shortage in Japan due to the nCov-2019 coronavirus Outbreak.

Adding on to that, Japanese payment system auPAY has launched a 20% cashback scheme on February 10, 2020. What that means is for every 100 yen you spend, you get back 20 yen in auPAY points. This is of course, good news for scalpers, as they could not only profit from the Nintendo Switch shortage, but from getting at least 6000 yen out of every Nintendo Switch they purchase.

These scalpers have been showing off their massive shopping sprees on Twitter:

“Planning to buy 4 Neon Switch consoles and 2 Ring Fit Adventures through AuPay, but I only managed to purchase 2 Gray Nintendo Switch consoles. Got back 20% in cashback.”

“Shopping list:

iPad 128GB

AirPod x4

Switch Lite

Total: 149,534 yen

Estimated profit is 10,000 yen+”

“Today is auPAY marathon.

Bought 2 pizzas, pre-ordered 2 Neon Switch consoles, bought 4 Switch Lites, bought 1 Switch Gray. Should be able to earn a profit 61,400 yen. All done in 3 hours!”

“Just built a pyramid of my Nintendo Switch consoles.”

“So some of you have been asking, what should you buy with auPAY?

Was at a huge electronic retailer buying up all (the Nintendo Switch consoles) and had to negotiate for a discount.”

“Bought 10 Switch consoles and 36 Ring Fit Adventures.”

The scalpers would then resell their consoles and Ring Fit Adventure sets to Kaitori Rudeya, which is buying Nintendo Switch consoles at 37,000 yen (Gray, 5000 yen above MSRP) and 40,500 yen (Neon, 8500 yen above MSRP), as well as Ring Fit Adventure at 23,000 yen (three times the MSRP).

So assuming a scalper purchased a Neon Blue/Neon Red Nintendo Switch console for 32,000 yen, they would make 8500 yen by selling the console to Kaitori Rudeya, and another 6000 yen from the auPAY cashback. That’s about USD132 in total.

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