Kamen Rider: Memory Of Heroez Producer Discusses “Chain Action” Mechanic, Character Selection, And More

Kamen Rider: Memory Of Heroez Producer Discusses “Chain Action” Mechanic, Character Selection, And More

Last week, Bandai-Namco announced Kamen Rider: Memory Of Heroez, a brand new Kamen Rider action game heading for Switch.

In an interview with Famitsu, the game’s producer Kentarou Mataro revealed more information about the title’s gameplay, story, and more. This includes the game’s “Chain Action” and “Gadget Action” mechanic, as well as why the heroes Zero-One, W, and OOO were chosen as the main characters.

Check out the highlights below, translated via Siliconera:


  • The game takes place on an island called Sector City, which is filled with a mysterious unidentified type of energy that brought together the three Kamen Riders. The three Riders will need to find out what is happening to Sector City and rise against a new threat to humanity.
  • As Zero-One is a Rider from the Reiwa Era who follows the same spirit of justice as Double and 000, which were two of the most influential Heisei Riders, the game’s main story involves what justice means to each Rider and how this spirit is passed on to other Riders.
  • While Zero-One is voiced by Fumiya Takahashi, the W and 000 cast are voiced by game-original voice actors. Shotaro Hidari is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya, Philip by Kouki Uchiyama, and 000 by Tatsuhisa Suzuki.


  • It is a “Hero Chain Action” genre game that focuses on cool and stylish action, as befits the series. While Kamen Rider already has a series of action games like Kamen Rider: Battride War, that series was missing the charm of attacking while continously changing Rider forms. So they came up with the “Chain Action” game concept.
  • Chain Action works involves a new system that involves a combination of the L button, left stick, and right side face buttons to choose what form and what attack you want to perform at that very moment. This opens up many different combos and allows you to choose attacks based on the current battle situation.
  • The game is also split into Normal Battles and Boss Battles. Normal Battles focus on chaining together combos, and you will be graded up to SSS for total combo chain count and total damage. Meanwhile, a Boss Battle would require precise movements and situation analysis, as each attack is incredibly damaging.
  • As for “Gadget Action,” the three Riders will get to use their various tools and gadgets in the story, such as Double’s Denden Sensor that can be used to find hidden items and keywords. The Candroids from 000 are also going to be usable in the game. This was one aspect that was sorely lacking in previous Kamen Rider games.
  • The game structure is mission-based, with players clearing missions to advance the story. You’ll be able to swap between the three characters freely at any time during battles. There is even a system where you can receive bonuses depending on the Rider you’re playing as, so Mataro hopes that players will play with all three characters.

Kamen Rider: Memory Of Heroez launches October 29 for Switch in Japan, with an English release available in Southeast Asia on the same date.

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