Kero Blaster Is Out On Switch, Fan Contest Announced

Kero Blaster Is Out On Switch, Fan Contest Announced

PLAYISM’s side scrolling action game from Cave Story maker Pixel, Kero Blaster, is finally out today on Nintendo Switch.

To celebrate, PLAYISM has announced an official fan art contest. Results will be posted to the Switch Game News channel.

Check out the launch trailer and details on the fan art contest below.

Fan Art Contest

To celebrate the release of Kero Blaster, out now on the Nintendo Switch, we will be hosting an official fan art contest together with Studio Pixel!
The results will be posted to Switch Game News, so your art just might be seen by all kinds of Switch users!

How to Enter
First, follow PLAYISM on Twitter: @playismEN
Next, tweet your image of your fan art and use the hashtag #KeroBlasterFan
As long as the image is something Kero Blaster-related (character illustrations, logos, backgrounds, etc.), anything is OK! As long as each entry is different, you can enter as many times as you like, so keep those entries coming!
Winners will be selected by Kero Blaster affiliates, including the developers themselves.

The cutoff date for entries is September 6th (Thu.) at 00:00 PST
Winners will be announced on the Nintendo Switch Kero Blaster Channel on September 13th (Thu.).

Award of Excellence (10 ppl.): “Kero Rhythm” – the Kero Blaster original soundtrack
This album is chock full of tunes deemed awesome enough to be released as a proper OST!