Kickstarter For Candelabra: Estoscerro, A Brand New NES Game, Launches

Kickstarter For Candelabra: Estoscerro, A Brand New NES Game, Launches

Do you miss the good old days of the Nintendo Entertainment System? Ever wish for a brand new NES game that you could pop in and play? Well Slydog Studios has got you covered.

Candelabra: Estoscerro is a brand new homebrew NES game, designed to be playable on real hardware. It is the latest installment of Slydog Studios’ Candelabra series of homebrew NES games, of which the first two titles are available as free ROMs on their website. Described as a “a 3-D style, action-adventure, dungeon crawler”, players must navigate a deadly maze on a quest for the fabled Candelabra. The game also features a unique control scheme where the three main characters are controlled using two NES controllers, or one modified Virtual Boy Controller.

While the game is described as being “100% complete and playable”, Slydog hopes to use the Kickstarter to build funds for a full on physical release, which will include actual NES game carts that can be played on any compatible systems. The physical release will also include actual boxes and manuals, as well as a host of other goodies for backers. For players who do not own an actual NES, a rom version will also be made available according to the Kickstarter page.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the project, head on over to their official Kickstarter page to have a look!