Kirby Cafe 2018 Reveals All Exclusive Merchandise

Kirby Cafe 2018 Reveals All Exclusive Merchandise

The official Kirby Cafe opening in Tokyo for 5 months has revealed its full merchandise lineup, exclusively available at the Kirby Cafe Store.

You can find all of the details below. Don’t forget to check out the menu.

Kirby / Waddle Dee Small Plush: 1800 yen each

Kirby Medium Plush: 3200 yen

Kirby Cafe X HelloLuLu 2WAY Backpack (Gray/Yellow): 11,800 yen each

Kirby Cafe X HelloLuLu 2WAY Shoulder Bag (Gray/Yellow): 9500 yen each

Candy Kinpira (Star / Cafe Logo / Kirby / Waddle Dee): 680 yen each

Original Shopping Bag (Pink / Blue / Brown): 580 yen each

Embroidery Badge Collection (12 to collect): 690 yen each

Mini Acrylic Stand Collection (8 types – available through capsule machine): 300 yen per play

Dinner Spoon (big) / Dinner Fork (big) / Teaspoon (small) / Tea Fork (small): 900 yen each (big) / 700 yen each (small)

Dinner Fork: 1100 yen

Ladle: 1300 yen

Character Cookies (Kirby, Chef Kawasaki, Waddle Dee) – 3 pieces included: 490 yen each

T-shirt Cafe Logo (Yellow / Gray): 3400 yen each (S/M/L/XL)

T-shirt Cafe Mark (White / Navy): 3400 yen each (S/M/L/XL)

T-shirt Warp Star (White / Charcoal): 3400 yen each (S/M/L/XL)