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jz, e19, 7an, 8w, ld, r15, cd9, swt, lb3, b, 3z, 1eq, 4, a8, k, 8, g2q, Kirby Cafe Japan Extended Until September 2019 | NintendoSoup
Kirby Cafe Japan Extended Until September 2019

Kirby Cafe Japan Extended Until September 2019

We have some wonderful news for Kirby fans looking to visit the Kirby Cafe in Japan.

Originally intended to close its doors in June 2019, the Kirby Cafe announced on Twitter that they will instead remain open until September 2019. No doubt this is due to the cafe’s high popularity even after all this time.

In addition, starting from June 11th, the cafe will change into “Kirby Cafe Summer” and will be serving up limited time Summer menu items and merchandise. While there is currently no word on what these special items could be, we will be sure to bring more information as it comes.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.