Kirby Star Allies Was Japan’s Best Selling Game For 2 Consecutive Months

Kirby Star Allies Was Japan’s Best Selling Game For 2 Consecutive Months

Famitsu, one of the biggest Japanese video game websites, has posted a report on the state of Japan’s video game industry for the period between March 26, 2018 to April 29, 2018.

The report mentions three important key points. First, Kirby Star Allies, which launched March 16 on Nintendo Switch, was the best selling game for 2 consecutive months in Japan. The next point to take home is the performance of Nintendo Labo – both the Variety and Robot Kits have sold a total of 146,000 units.

Finally, a total of 178,000 Nintendo Switch consoles were sold in April 2018, making it unsurprisingly the top selling hardware system of April.

More sales data for the period of the report can be found below.

【Home Console Software Total Monthly For The Month】
1 Kirby Star Allies(Switch) Nintendo 142,733 copies
2 Far Cry 5(PS4) Ubisoft 134,237 copies
3 Jikkyō Powerful Pro Yakyū 2018(PS4) KONAMI 133,555 copies
4 Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit(Switch) Nintendo 114,434 copies
5 Super Robot Wars X(PS4) Bandai Namco Entertainment 103,797 copies

【Home Console Hardware Total Sales For The Month】
1 Nintendo Switch 178,144 units(Last month: Nintendo Switch 188,951 units)
2 PlayStation 4(Includes PS4 Pro numbers)  82,561 units(Last month: PlayStation 4(Includes PS4 Pro numbers) 93,186 units)

【Total Software Units Moved By Manufacturer】
1 Nintendo 636,000 copies
2 Bandai Namco Entertainment 247,000 copies
3 KONAMI 202,000 copies