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sf, q8, dq, 8m, 1h, e9, q1, iny, k, cgs, dck, ypn, Koei Tecmo Working On Huge IP That Will Sell 5 Million Copies | NintendoSoup
Koei Tecmo Working On Huge IP That Will Sell 5 Million Copies

Koei Tecmo Working On Huge IP That Will Sell 5 Million Copies

Koei Tecmo, the Japanese publisher known for the Dynasty Warriors series, is working on a huge, new title that is guaranteed to sell 5 million copies.

According to the company, this new title is currently in the final stages of development, and will expand on the success of Nioh, which sold about 2 million copies worldwide. It is unclear whether this game will hit Nintendo Switch, so we will just have to wait and see.

Other key titles being worked on include a smartphone game whose IP has seen sales of over 1 billion yen a month, as well as an “overseas IP collaboration”.

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