Lana Hooks A Kyogre In Next Week’s Pokemon Episode

Lana Hooks A Kyogre In Next Week’s Pokemon Episode

A one-off joke from the Pokemon Sun & Moon is about to receive an interesting follow-up in next week’s episode of the Pokemon anime.

Those of you who played the games may recall Trial Captain Lana claiming that the Legendary Pokemon Kyogre can be found in Brooklet Hill, only to reveal that she was only kidding. Next week however, almost three years later, Lana will be encountering Kyogre for real in the 120th episode of the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime airing on May 5. In it, Lana will be fighting to save a wild Kyogre from a group of hunters, who unfortunately don’t seem to be affiliated in any way with Team Aqua.

Check out the preview below, courtesy of Pikafan World on Youtube. Eagle-eyed watchers may also notice that regardless of what happens with Kyogre, Lana will be getting at least one “new” addition to her party. See if you can spot who it is!

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