Lapis x Labyrinth Takes About 20 Hours To Complete, Has No Multiplayer

Lapis x Labyrinth Takes About 20 Hours To Complete, Has No Multiplayer

At TGS 2018, the producer of Lapis X Labyrinth spoke up about the game’s development to date.

Thanks to GNN and Siliconera , we now have insight into what was said during the convention. There were some crucial snippets, such as the game’s length, and the absence of multiplayer and DLC.

Check out these highlights below, along with some new screenshots.

  • Lapis x Labyrinth spawned from one of Nippon Ichi’s internal competitions.

  • Currently, game development is nearly done, and is in the testing phase.

  • The term ‘Dango’ does not actually appear in-game, and is just a developers’ joke about the unique battle system.

  • Originally, Lapis x Labyrinth would let players change characters’ outfits, but the idea had to be cut due to time constraints.  The game will still offer 4 hair colors and 2 hairstyles per character, however.

  • The game initially had six job classes, but this was increased to eight classes. All classes will be playable from the very start.

  • For newcomers, the game’s producer recommends using the Hunter (who can drain enemy health) or the Shielder (which has boosted defense). Experienced players can try out the Gunner, who boasts strong ranged attacks.

  • The game takes around 20 hours to complete. However, experienced players might finish the game in 10 hours.

  • For game balance, the development team opted for easier gameplay to fit the game’s cute look.

  • The game has no online multiplayer or local co-op modes, as the development team wanted to focus on a single-player experience. There are also no plans for DLC currently – it depends on how well the game performs.

  • The game is aiming for a Spring 2019 release in Asia. The producer did not state a specific month or date, however.