Let’s Check Out Runner3’s Cool Cameos

Let’s Check Out Runner3’s Cool Cameos

Besides Charles Martinet, two other popular video game characters are appearing in Runner3.

The characters are Shovel Knight and Eddie Riggs, prominent heroes from the indie world. Learn more about them and check out their pictures below.

Shovel Knight—The blue burrower himself. It was our hope from the get-go to include Shovel Knight in the game, and we’re beyond excited to have him join the Runner-verse!

Ever on the side of good, he joins forces with the Commanders to help take down the nefarious Timbletot. Do they succeed in their mission? Probably. I mean, it would be weird if they didn’t, right?

Eddie Riggs—From a Legend most Brutal. He may be best known for his roadie skills, but Eddie Riggs has also proven himself to be quite the accomplished runner. He’s the perfect compatriot for the Commanders, what with their shared love of vanquishing evil. Kindred spirits, all the way down the line.

The Narrator—The man. The myth. The Narrator. When he’s not hocking strange wares and dictating the story of the Runner series, he’s running alongside the Commanders and all of their creepy friends. He’s a normal enough gent, to be sure, but we can’t shake the feeling there’s something…peculiar about him. Let us know if you notice anything, okay?

Runner3 launches May 22, 2018 on Nintendo Switch.