Light of Reason For 3DS Starts IndieGoGo Campaign

Light of Reason For 3DS Starts IndieGoGo Campaign

3DS space exploring action RPG game, Light of Reason, has started their IndieGoGo campaign. The game takes you to various locations in space and pits you against a variety of enemies while setting task across your ship, managing resources and improvements.

Being story driven, the game also contains a storyline which players can experience while travelling the vastness of space.

 In the near future, people are increasingly exploring space, and after the expedition to Mars they go on another expedition to another more distant planet to search for other civilizations.
The ship starts from the ground and the player appears as an  ship’s AI. The task of the AI ​​is to control the ship, replenish and plan the resources, navigate the way and monitor the security system.

The game will apparently also be playable on the original 3DS, which is quite a marvel considering the graphics and gameplay that were shown. If you like to know more about the game, do head down to their campaign webpage here, and if you like what you see, do support them!


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