List Of All Capture Abilities In Super Mario Odyssey

List Of All Capture Abilities In Super Mario Odyssey

Ever wondered how many different types of enemies and things you can capture in Super Mario Odyssey? We’ve got you covered.

Over here you’ll find a list of every single enemy, thing, and character that can be captured in Super Mario Odyssey, along with their locations and control options.

If you do not want to be spoiled, please don’t proceed!

Note: The list is still being worked on so some information may be missing.

No.ThingFirst AppearanceControls
1FrogCap KingdomDash: Left Stick + Y
Jump: B
2Spark PylonCap KingdomMove: Left Stick / Shake Controller
3ParagoombaCap KingdomJump: B / Shake Controller
4Chain ChompCascade KingdomPull and Release: Left Stick
5Big Chain ChompCascade KingdomPull and Release: Left Stick
6Chain ChompikinsCascade KingdomPull and Release: Left Stick
7T-RexCascade KingdomDash: Left Stick + Y
Attack: B
8BinocularsCascade KingdomLook around: R Stick
Y: Zoom
9Bullet BillSand KingdomIncrease Speed: Y
10Moe-EyeSand KingdomPut on/off glasses: Y
11CactusSand Kingdom?
12GoombaSand KingdomDash: Left Stick + Y
Jump: B
13Knucklotec's FistSand KingdomIncrease speed: Y / Shake Controller
14Mini RocketSand KingdomLaunch: B
15GlydonSand KingdomFly: B
16LakituSand KingdomFish: Y
17ZipperLake KingdomMove: Left Stick
18Cheep CheepLake KingdomDescend: Y
Ascend: B
19Puzzle PartLake Kingdom?
20Poison Piranha PlantWooded Kingdom?
21UprootWooded KingdomExtend legs: B / Shake Controller
22Fire Bro.Wooded KingdomThrow: Y
Jump: B
23ShermWooded KingdomAim: Right Stick
Y: Shoot
24Coin CofferWooded Kingdom?
25TreeWooded Kingdom?
26BoulderWooded Kingdom?
27Picture Match Part (Goomba)Cloud KingdomRotate left: Y
Rotate Right: B
28Tropical WigglerForgotten IsleExtend: Left Stick + Y
29PoleMetro KingdomPull: Left Stick
30Manhole CoverMetro KingdomMove: Left Stick
31TaxiMetro KingdomMove: Left Stick
32RC CarMetro KingdomAccelerate: Left Stick
Handle: Right Stick
33Ty-FooSnow KingdomBlow: Hold Y
34Shiverian RacerSnow KingdomJump: B / Shake Controller
35Purple Cheep CheepSnow KingdomDescend: Y
Ascend: B
36GushenSeaside KingdomForward: Hold Y
Ascend: Hold B
37Lava BubbleLuncheon KingdomDash: Left Stick + Y
Jump: B / Shake Controller
38VolbonanLuncheon KingdomPull: Left Stick
39Chef Bro.Luncheon KingdomThrow: Y
Jump: B
40MeatLuncheon KingdomJump: B
41Fire Piranha PlantLuncheon Kingdom?
42PokioBowser's KingdomPierce: Y
Jump: B
43JizoBowser's KingdomDash: Left Stick + Y
44Bowser StatueMoon KingdomMove: L Stick
45ParabonesMoon KingdomFly: B / Shake Controller
46Banzai BillMoon KingdomIncrease Speed: Y / Shake Controller
47Chargin' ChuckMoon KingdomTackle: Hold Y and release
48BowserMoon KingdomPunch: Y
Jump: B
Breath fire: Shake Controller
49MARIO LettersMetro KingdomDash: Left Stick + Y
Dash even more: Shake Controller
50Puzzle PartMetro Kingdom?
51Picture Match Part (Mario)Mushroom KingdomRotate left: Y
Rotate Right: B
52YoshiMushroom KingdomExtend tongue: Y / Shake Controller
Flutter Jump: B

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