Have A Look At Pokemon Center’s Gorgeous Vulpix Crystal Season Products

Have A Look At Pokemon Center’s Gorgeous Vulpix Crystal Season Products

Pokemon fans have been hungry for Vulpix and Alola Vulpix merchandise lately, and the Pokemon Center has delivered what they wanted – an official merchandise lineup called Vulpix Crystal Season featuring nothing but Vulpix.

If you’re interested in grabbing any of these Pokemon Center merchandise, you can head over to Amazon Japan to purchase them (links to the products are provided throughout the article). New to shopping on Amazon Japan? Check out our guide here first.

First up are the main stars of the show – Fluffy Alola Vulpix and Vulpix plushies. They aren’t your ordinary plushies since they are fluffier than usual and bigger than the standard size plushies.

Buy the plushies here.

Even Slowpoke needs to see it for himself.

If you prefer something smaller, here’s the minature Fluffy Alola Vulpix and Vulpix mascots.

Not only a golden keychain is attached to each mascot, as there are two metal charms that come with it.

Buy the mascots here.

Love wearing bracelets? The Alola Vulpix or Vulpix themed bracelet might look good on you!

Buy the bracelets here.

Make yourself look like Vulpix or Alola Vulpix with one of these scrunchies.

Buy the scrunchies.

Here’s how the bracelet and scrunchie looks like when worn. Really beautiful!

The Pokemon Company has even designed two stained glass like artwork featuring Vulpix and Alola Vulpix on a keychain!

Buy the keychains.

There are bags, pouches, and wallets for daily use featuring both Vulpix and Alola Vulpix together.

Pass Case / Tote Bag / Pouch / Long Wallet

These stickers will make anything you paste on look beautiful.

Buy the stickers

Need a notebook? There are two different designs to choose from.

Buy the B6 Ring Notebooks.

Store your documents and notes in this pair of beautiful A4 clear files.

Buy the A4 clear file pair.

Don’t forget the masking tape! It comes with a few sheets of memo too.

Buy the masking tape memo set.

We rarely see the Pokemon Center sell glass mugs. This is probably the first time in recent years.

Buy the glass mugs

Now you can sleep with Alola Vulpix and Vulpix on this lovely cushion.

Buy the cushion.

Next up are snow globes featuring Vulpix and Alola Vulpix!

Buy the snow globes here.

Looking for more items? Check these out too (sadly we don’t have any photos): Vulpix and Alola Vulpix Ball Pens, Hand Towel, Mini Bath Towel

If you’re visiting the Pokemon Center in Japan, you can pick up some cookies too.

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