Louvre Museum Gets A Unique Special Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL

Louvre Museum Gets A Unique Special Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL

Today we have some interesting news about the renowned Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

For many years, the Louvre Museum has rented out generic Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XLs as audio and visual guides for visitors exploring the museum. After many years, the Nintendo 3DS XL at the Louvre have been upgraded to an unique, special design New Nintendo 3DS XL that could not be purchased anywhere in the world.

Thanks to NintendoSoup reader ReignOfComputer who provided tons of beautiful photos we are able to show you this very special New Nintendo 3DS XL.

The metallic blue cover of this special New Nintendo 3DS XL has the words “Audioguide” as well as the official Louvre and Nintendo 3DS logos:

Here’s the back of the system:

The Game Card slot is blocked off by a piece of plastic:

Now here’s where things get interesting.

Above the circle pad is a L icon to represent the L shoulder button. Surrounding the circle pad are up, down, left, and right symbols, which have never been seen before on other New Nintendo 3DS XL systems. There are icons representing a person walking up the stairs and walking down the stairs on the right side of the D-Pad:

On the right side, we see the R button representing the R shoulder button. We also see a + and magnifying glass icon above the X button and a – icon above the Y button. The X and Y buttons are purple, while the A button is red and the B button is blue. This purple-red-blue color scheme is unique to the Louvre New Nintendo 3DS XL.

More photos below:

We were told that the change was made in 2019, so it’s fairly recent.

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