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cb, 3zd, r, 3o, i, s, yc3, fm, csf, vf, xa, ii1, s, fx7, v9, r, 5, d, n4d, ci, Luigi's Mansion 3 Up For Pre-Order On Amazon | NintendoSoup
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Up For Pre-Order On Amazon

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Up For Pre-Order On Amazon

Amazon has started taking pre-orders for Luigi’s Mansion 3, coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019.

Here’s a couple of details on the game:

  • He may still be cowardly, but Luigi has more tools and abilities at his disposal than ever before. Master Luigi’s new powerful moves of Slam, Suction Shot and Burst
  • Team up with Professor E. Gadd’s latest invention, Gooigi, an all-green doppelganger able to slip through tight spaces, walk on spikes, and otherwise help Luigi overcome obstacles he can’t get past alone
  • Interchange between Luigi and Gooigi as one player, or grab a friend and control one each at the same time
  • Explore the Last Resort, ascending through its differently themed floors full of quirky contraptions and haunting enemies
  • Race the timer with up to 8 players to clear objectives on a series of floors in the ScareScraper

Pre-order here (ships worldwide).