Mario Royale Taken Down Completely

Mario Royale Taken Down Completely

Mario’s adventure into the Battle Royale genre has come to an end.

Heading to InfernoPlus’ site, now only results in a message explaining that the game is no longer available. This comes after InfernoPlus changed the name of the game to Infringio(a play on words with Infringment and Mario).

Unfortunately, Uncle Nintindie’s lawyers have informed me that, despite my best efforts, the game still infringes their copyright.
They refused to give me specifics (I asked multiple times) but it would seem that either the level design or general mechanics are still too close to the original game.
As a result I can’t just blindly change the game and leave it up. Doing so would put me at risk of further legal action.
I’ll likely talk in detail about the game and it’s short lifespan on my youtube channel in the coming weeks.
I’m sorry about this guys. It was fun while it lasted.
img commemorating infringio

InfernoPlus said that he would likely have been left vulnerable to legal action and will likely provide more details about the situation on his Youtube channel.

There is hope however for fans of the Battle Royale.

Fans have revived Mario Royale (with the original Super Mario Bros. assets) in open source form. which you can find hereDark Side of Gaming reports,  This version only supports up to 15 players.

Were you able to play this fan game? Let us know about your experience in the comments.