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44, 8e, 9pp, Mario & Sonic At The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Confirmed For Switch, Launches Winter 2019 | NintendoSoup
Mario & Sonic At The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Confirmed For Switch, Launches Winter 2019

Mario & Sonic At The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Confirmed For Switch, Launches Winter 2019

Mario and Sonic will be returning for more feats of sportsmanship this year!

At the SEGA FES 2019 event, SEGA confirmed that Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will be getting a Switch port. For now, we know that it will have a release window of Winter 2019 (in Japan).

Other than that, SEGA also released some first-look screenshots of the title. Check them out below, courtesy of Tails’ Channel. We’ll report back when we hear more about the return of this crossover series once again!