Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Producer Shares More About The Game’s Character Roster, Costume Changes, And More

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Producer Shares More About The Game’s Character Roster, Costume Changes, And More

Earlier today, Vooks published a new interview with Yousuke Hayashi, the producer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, where he shared more insights into what players can expect to see in upcoming game.

According to Hayashi, the development team went into the project with the intention to have a larger roster of characters than any Ultimate Alliance game that came before. Furthermore, Hayashi also said that there are some characters who have yet to be revealed officially, and his wording suggests he might not just be talking about the upcoming expansion pass.

“When we were developing this game, we definitely did think that there were particular characters where we could bring a lot of interesting action to them with the gameplay, and there are definitely some characters that Marvel Games suggested, but one thing that we did decide on was to create the biggest roster of characters that the series had ever seen.”

“Of course, there are some characters that have not been announced yet, but we have had a lot of discussion with Marvel on what characters we wanted to include, so we think that there are some that have some great unique character traits, that anybody will be able to enjoy.”

“But of course, we can’t put everyone into the game and we had a lot of very intense discussions with Marvel about it, to decide exactly which characters should go in the game.”

“But we have confidence that with the package game, we have the best roster that we can put together and of course, we are going to offer a season pass, where we can provide even more characters.”

In addition, Hayashi also confirmed that characters will have multiple costumes to choose from in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, a staple of the franchise. The costumes may also offer some additional gameplay bonuses rather than just being cosmetic, but he could not say more while the game has yet to come out. However, Hayashi did confirm that more costumes would be added to the game post-launch.

 So, we definitely did include a lot of RPG elements to the game and that means that there are skins that players can change for their characters, but we can’t say exactly what kind of functions they’ll have. But we can say that they will increase post launch.

Finally, Hayashi shared a bit more about the game’s story mode. While he could not confirm the exact length, he estimated it to be about as long as the previous games in the series, and would take players on a “tour of the Marvel Universe”.

So with the story mode, we think its about the same length as the previous two games and with the number of locations we visit locations that are really important to the Marvel universe, so we consider it a game where you can take a tour of the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order launches for Switch on July 19, with an Expansion Pass coming sometime in Fall 2019.

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