Mary Skelter 2 Banned By Australian Classification Board

Mary Skelter 2 Banned By Australian Classification Board

Earlier this month, Mary Skelter 2 finally released on Nintendo Switch in English – with all of its sultry dungeon combat intact. However, it looks like not all countries will be tolerating the game’s saucier elements.

Namely, Australian fans will not be able to purchase the game from their local eShop, thanks to their government effectively banning it for sale. Publisher Idea Factory International confirmed this recently on Twitter, when one fan asked them about the game’s absence.

If one visits the Australian Classification Board, you’ll indeed find the game listed under ‘Refused Classification’. However, the listing does not openly list the reasons for Australia’s government refusing to classify the game for sale.

Thankfully, Australian fans will still be able to grab the game off the US or EU eShop if they wish, thanks to the Switch being region-free. Alternatively, a physical release courtesy of Limited Run Games is also in the works.

Nevertheless, the ban may not hold forever. After all, Gal*Gun 2 was similarly banned in Germany for about a year, before it was finally allowed on the country’s eShop. We’ll report back if we hear more in the future.