Mary Skelter Finale Announced For Nintendo Switch In Japan

Mary Skelter Finale Announced For Nintendo Switch In Japan

Been enjoying Mary Skelter 2 and Mary Skelter Nightmares on Switch? Well, the blood-stained adventure isn’t over just yet!

Compile Heart has confirmed that Mary Skelter Finale is now in the works for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The game will presumably act as the definitive conclusion to the series, with the prologue reading as follows:

“A single match decides the ending of the jailbreak drama. When a lonely ‘little match girl’ no one notices is given a name, a single hope and joy was manifest in a single match… The curtain is about the rise on the finale.”

According to Gematsu, players will follow the series protagonists as they finally escape the Jail. However, they are soon met with an evil greater threat in the form of the “Foul Feeding Overseer Tower” and “Genocide Pink” – executioner girls that litter what’s left of the world.

Mary Skelter Finale will reportedly retain the classic RPG system of past entries – although a new ‘Zapping System’ mechanic will also let players switch between multiple parties!

Along with these details are new screenshots and artwork for Mary Skelter Finale. Check them out below!

We’ll report back when we hear more about this upcoming series conclusion in the future! Stay tuned!