MazM: Jekyll And Hyde Coming To Switch On April 2

MazM: Jekyll And Hyde Coming To Switch On April 2

CFK has announced the release date for MazM: Jekyll and Hyde for Nintendo Switch.

The game will be released digitally on April 2, 2020 worldwide.

Check out the trailer and details below:

The game publisher CFK will release the popular mystery adventure game MazM: Jekyll and Hyde for Nintendo Switch and Steam on Thursday, April 2.


MazM: Jekyll and Hyde is the second title of MazM series, turning Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde into a game with a fresh and unique insight.


Utterson, a sincere lawyer, is the main playable character and also an old friend of Dr. Jekyll. From his perspective the player tracks down Hyde, a mysterious man who was named beneficiary by Dr. Jekyll. In order to do this, the player has to explore various areas of gloomy 19th Century London and collect evidence from citizens. Bring to light what secrets Hyde has.


Face the pure evil in the streets of gloomy London


London, late 19th century.

There looms in the dank air a man, a pure evil, with his violent impulse and shameless yearnings casting a shadow over the city.


His name is Edward Hyde ─ the sole beneficiary named by the noble scholar and philanthropist Dr. Henry Jekyll.

The lawyer Gabriel John Utterson cannot accept the decision made by his good friend. He is determined to find out the true identity of Hyde and chases after the man all around London. But Utterson has no idea what awaits him in Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory, a secret filled with the smell of chemicals….

CASE FILE~The Novel Reborn as a Game~


Control SD-style characters and explore neatly watercolored 1880s London.

Converse with citizens and collect evidence from them.



Dr. Jekyll is the key to all the problems and incidents.

This time, his friend Utterson is the protagonist of the story.



See the events from Dr. Jekyll’s or Hyde’s point of view in [Additional Cases].



There are also mini-games for everyone to enjoy!





PROFILE ~The Chaser and the Chased~

Gabriel John Utterson


The lawyer living in London, strict on himself but generous on others.

He struggles to live an abstinent and dignified life.

Fortune-telling and superstitions are nothing more than wastes for him. What defines his character are rationality and morals.

This righteous man is troubled by his old friend, Dr. Jekyll. Almost all of his friend’s property is about to be inherited to a John Doe.

Utterson is determined to find out who Edward Hyde truly is and make Dr. Jekyll change his mind. However….


Henry Jekyll


A noble scholar with M.D. and J.D., also the member of the Royal Society.

He inherited a great fortune and is an eminent philanthropist.

No one could deny that he had everything in his life. But deep inside, there was a vulgar and improper craving he dared not share with anyone.

As a result, Dr. Jekyll begins a secret experiment to create a drug that would solve his disturbing issue with duplicity.


Edward Hyde


A pale man with a small physique. His laugh is a dissonance of wrong strings played on the violin.

He is seen as strange and unpleasant by people, but no one can explain why.

Law, morality, and conscience ─ these he never considers. He is only loyal to his desires, harming anyone in his way.

How did such a degenerate, notorious for having stepped on a child without hesitation, get a check signed by a famous figure?

Why does he have a key to the back wing of Dr. Jekyll’s mansion?


Hastie Lanyon


An old and good friend of Utterson and Dr. Jekyll, living in Cavendish Square.

He makes his living as a doctor in private practice.

A kind and amiable man, but he lives strictly by the book.

He disagreed with Dr. Jekyll’s research on supernatural phenomena, and after the bitter dispute, the two had grown apart for over 10 years.



The mystery adventure MazM: Jekyll and Hyde will be released worldwide on Thursday, April 2 for Nintendo Switch and Steam.


  • Game Information
    Title: “MazM: Jekyll and Hyde”

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC(Steam)
Genre: Mystery Adventure

Release: Apr. 2nd (Thu.), 2020

Price: N/A
Player(s): Single

Supported languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian

Developer: Growing Seeds、CFK Co., Ltd.

Publisher: CFK Co., Ltd.

Copyright: ©2020 Growing Seeds Corp. All rights reserved. Published by CFK.