Meowth Is Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Latest Pokemon Plush

Meowth Is Build-A-Bear Workshop’s Latest Pokemon Plush

Build-A-Bear Workshop, a retailer which lets children customize their very own plushies and dolls, is introducing a new Pokemon to their ranks.

Meowth, the Pokemon well known for its role as a member of Team Rocket in the Pokemon anime, is now available for purchase at Build-A-Bear Workshops in the United States.

The official website is offering a USD60 bundle which comes with the plush, a sound chip, a Team Rocket costume, and a Quick Ball costume. A USD28 bundle offering the plush and the Team Rocket costume can be found in stores. The Quick Ball costume can be purchased separately online and at retail for USD12.50.

It’s unclear whether Meowth’s sound chip will feature Meowth’s cries from the Pokemon video games, or Meowth’s actual voice from the Pokemon anime. Hopefully it’s the latter!