Merry Christmas! Official Pokemon Center Christmas Merch Up For Pre-Order

Merry Christmas! Official Pokemon Center Christmas Merch Up For Pre-Order

Although we aren’t celebrating Christmas until a couple of weeks from now, Pokemon Centers in Japan have started offering Christmas and Winter themed merchandise today.

If you’re interested in grabbing any of these Pokemon Center merchandise, you can head over to Amazon Japan to purchase them (links to the products are provided throughout the article). New to shopping on Amazon Japan? Check out our guide here first.

First up, let’s take a look at the three Christmas plushies for 2017 – Pikachu dressed up as a Christmas Tree, Alola Vulpix in a Christmas outfit, and Rockruff in a Santa outfit!

Pre-order the plushies here.

Here’s a closer look at them.

Up next is this glittery A4 clear file featuring artwork from Christmas 2017 (only available in Japan).

Take a look at the detail The Pokemon Company’s talented artists have put into this.

The Kinchaku Pouch looks pretty similar to the A4 clear file, too (only available in Japan).

This year’s Christmas logo pin features Pikachu, Alola Vulpix, and Rockruff in their plush outfits.

Pre-order the Logo Pin.

Prefer some that you can easily show off? The metal charm set may be your best option.

Pre-order the metal charm set.

This sticker sheet featuring Christmas Pokemon is realllllly huge.

Pre-order the sticker sheet.

The perfect mug for some hot choco under the Christmas tree.

Pre-order the mug.

Need something to decorate your disk? This Stand Grip may do the trick! It can even hold your sticky notes.

Pre-order the stand grip.

Before we move on, you may want to check out this Christmas 2017 hand towel. No photos available unfortunately.

And that rounds up the Pokemon Center Christmas 2017 merchandise. Next we’ll take a look at the Winter 2017 products.

This year’s Winter themed plush and mascot features Snowman Pikachu. As you would expect, it resembles how someone would possibly build a Snowman Pikachu in real life.

Pre-order the plush and mascot.

Soft… to the touch.

The winter themed sketchbook, this time not from Croquis or any other brand, comes with a beautiful blue ribbon.

Pre-order the sketchbook.

And here’s the A4 clear file (only available in Japan).

Love decorative masking tape? Here’s one that you should use this winter (only available in Japan).

There’s even a Greeting Card (only available in Japan).

Snuggle up below this blanket during those cold winter nights!

Pre-order the blanket.

Before we end, there are a Winter 2017 few products that unfortunately do not have any photos. Check them out right below.

Hand Towel / Flat Pouch / Pass Case / Book Cover / Tote Bag / Mug with cover

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