Metroidvania RPG ‘Heart Forth, Alicia’ Now Headed To Switch To Replace Wii U Version

Metroidvania RPG ‘Heart Forth, Alicia’ Now Headed To Switch To Replace Wii U Version

Heart Forth, Alicia has been in development for quite some time now, and today, its developers has announced that a Switch port is happening!

Previously coming to the Wii U, the game will now be heading to the Nintendo Switch via eShop to replace the Wii U version. According to the latest development update, backers who pledged for a Wii U key will automatically receive a Switch key.

Heart Forth, Alicia is an epic metroidvania RPG inspired Castlevania, Zelda, and Xenogears. It combines 16 and 32-bit gameplay with modern mechanics featuring intertwining stories.

Check out the announcement, trailer, and details below:

Kickstarter Trailer:

We’re thrilled to share that Heart Forth, Alicia is coming to Nintendo Switch! This console has proven to be a beast of a platform for gaming experiences of all sorts and sizes, so we’re beyond excited to have Heart Forth, Alicia join its library.

Since the Wii U’s eShop’s is no more, the Switch port of the game will replace the Wii U one, which means that if you pledged for a Wii U key, you’re automatically set to receive a Switch key. Backers who pledged for $5 console key add-ons, or those with any extra balance left, can still change their console preference through their their Backer’s Club profile page.

If you never made any add-on pledges but would like to get a Switch key add-on, you’ll be able to do that in the future for the same $5 as the other keys. We’ll give you a heads-up via an update once we’re ready to open up a window to get this add-on.

Who said you need wheels to move?

On The Release Window

Although in 2019 we’ve made great strides toward reaching the end goal, we will not be able to release the game this year. As we outlined earlier in the update, there’s still a considerable amount of things that must be achieved before the game is finished, and we simply aren’t close enough to the end line to confidently give you a release window. We’ll be providing more concrete information in the following updates.

We understand the time it’s taken to develop the game is frustrating for some. This development span has been, and continues to be, absolutely essential to get the game to the standard of quality we promised you. In a previous update we shared three main reasons for our extended development, which continue being pertinent today:

  • After the Kickstarter’s success, we revised the scope & projected development length to meet the new standard of quality
  • There are some difficulties with our development tools that cannot be overcome
  • We wish not to compromise our health


At Heart Forth, Alicia’s core is an ode to the classics. Remember the electrifying gameplay of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the expansive worlds of the Zelda games, and the rich, engaging story of Xenogears? This game is crafted in the spirit of those great adventures of the ’90s.

The story unfolds amidst the repercussions of centuries worth of struggle, strife, and bloodshed between cultures, races and worldviews. But above all else, it’s an epic Metroidvania RPG that combines timeless 16- and 32-bit gameplay, modern mechanics, and a set of unique, intertwining stories to take you on a fantastic journey.

  • Master devastating and versatile magic spells to annihilate your enemies and solve creative puzzles.
  • Engage in fast, agile melee combat with an enchanted wizard’s whip, over 20 special attacks and upgrades, and a wide array of mobility skills.
  • Adventure through a vast, intricately detailed world filled with hidden wonders and puzzles, dastardly platforming, lethal dungeons, and much, much more.
  • Play with powerful RPG elements that include all the gear, loot, sidequests, upgrades, crafting, and gameplay depth that make for a classic RPG experience.
  • Discover 5 secret fairy companions to crush, shock, freeze, and burn your enemies, or save you at your most dire moment of need.
  • Experience a deep and immersive story that takes place within a much larger history of events and cultures, and starring a cast of fascinating, memorable characters.