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x, 750, z, 80, 9y2, 1uv, j, 4d, 6, 6, 9ks, 22, hwo, i, 6vf, s, h, lb, Milka Launching Mario-themed Candy and Toys | NintendoSoup
Milka Launching Mario-themed Candy and Toys

Milka Launching Mario-themed Candy and Toys

Nintendo fans in Germany will be able to take a literal bite out of the Super Mario franchise this holiday season.

Milka is collaborating with Nintendo to release a line of chocolate candy for Mario and friends. The promotional campaign will mostly focus on Christmas-themed products, from what preview images show.

Here’s the line-up:

Advent Calendar Advent Calendar (Pink) – €15.99 each

(Full contents unannounced for now)

Christmas Crackers – €4.49 each

  • 2x Milka Mini snowballs
  • 2x Milka Oreo balls
  • 2x Milka classic balls
  • 4x Super Mario stickers
  • 1x Super Mario bracelet

Gift FIgures – €4.49 each

  • 2x Milka Mini snowballs
  • 3x Milka Oreo balls
  • 2x Super Mario stickers