Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack Coming to Switch too

Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack Coming to Switch too

In a super lengthy article from Kotaku about why the Xbox One X is not necessary, a small confirmation from Mojang was made on the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack.

Here’s the catch: the Super Duper Graphics pack is also coming to lots of other platforms, including Xbox One S, PC and Switch, even mobile (unclear if/when it’s coming to PS4), basically everything that’ll be running the game on the new Bedrock Engine. “It will be anywhere that you can play Minecraft in the new version,” Egbert said. “It will improve any screen on which you play, but the best experience will be on Xbox One X.” This is the theme: what you can play on Xbox One X is playable elsewhere, but, short of a high-end PC, it will simply look best on the X.

So while we don’t expect the Nintendo Switch to drive a full 4K experience, we can at least be assured that Nintendo is in the “Super Duper Graphics Pack Gang”.

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