Minecraft To Get New And Update Menu

Minecraft To Get New And Update Menu

The developers of Minecraft Bedrock Edition had quite a ride making the game work across multiple platforms, still they’re not quite done.

In a blog post, the team said that they’re working on revamping the Minecraft menu. The team also said that they are open to player input on how they can make everything better for everyone.

Menus! They’re essential for helping you navigate Minecraft and get to what you want with ease. That’s why we’ve started working on a major redesign of the Minecraft menu – also known as the UI (User Interface) – for all Bedrock Engine-based platforms (so that’s Minecraft on Xbox One, Windows 10, VR, mobile devices and Nintendo Switch).

What would you like to see from an updated Minecraft menu? There may be things you want to make easier? Or maybe there’s a way the menus could be better for your device? Or maybe you want to add something entirely new to the main menu or create world screen? Or maybe just a button that makes a pig squealing noise when you press it? (all games should have that, really).

You can read the full blog post here.

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