Miyoshino Sapporo Launches Pokemon Campaign

Miyoshino Sapporo Launches Pokemon Campaign

Miyoshino Sapporo, a Japanese eatery offering Japanese curry and dumplings, has announced a new Pokemon campaign in partnership with The Pokemon Company.

The campaign is scheduled to kick off on July 14, 2018 and will last till September 2. During the campaign, every store will feature a Lugia standee for Pokemon trainers to take photos with.

Customers who order a plate of “Kids Gyoza Curry”, “Kids Fried Prawn Curry”, or any other Kids menu items that are eligible will receive an original Miyoshino Sapporo design Pokemon sticker.

Together with the sticker, customers will receive a “W Chance” card. Answering the question on the card will register the customer into a special lottery with the following prizes:

Category A – 25 winners for each prize, total of 50 winners

Pokemon Let’s GO, Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s GO, Eevee

Category B – 10 winners

Pokemon Collection EX HP Lugia Figurine

Category C – 10 winners

Pokemon Collection EX SP Zeraora

Category D – 60 winners

Pokemon TCG Champions Road Booster Pack

Pokemon TCG Charisma of the Wrecked Sky (2 in a set)