Moero Chronicle Hyper Heading West In Spring 2019

Moero Chronicle Hyper Heading West In Spring 2019

It looks like western Switch fans won’t be locked out of playing Compile Heart’s Moero Chronicle H, after all.

Idea Factory International will be localizing the game as Moero Chronicle Hyper in Spring 2019! The game will be launching as an eShop-only title for $29.99 – with a further launch discount of 30% off.

Check out the announcement tweet below.

The official English website of the game also lists more details about the Switch-exclusive features of the game. Take a look below.

  • HD Remaster! Putting the “H” in HD Remaster!
  • Good Vibrations! All Bumping ♥ Scratches activate the game’s unique H-Vibration feature!
  • Status Boosts Galore! Use H-Secret Items and Super Boost items to increase the status of the Monster Girls!
  • Auto-pilot Engage! Set the coordinates to your desired location on the map, and your characters will be guided to that spot automatically!