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wzr, z, jf, 670, koz, hv, 5, f8b, o, 502, 8dk, 7, qv, i, tvr, y, g02, jg, 3e, Monster Prom XXL Hits Nintendo Switch On May 21, 2020 | NintendoSoup
Monster Prom XXL Hits Nintendo Switch On May 21, 2020

Monster Prom XXL Hits Nintendo Switch On May 21, 2020

Looking for a fun multiplayer twist on the dating sim genre? Well, look out for this monstrous title launching next month!

Beautiful Glitch and Those Awesome Guys have revealed that Monster Prom: XXL will hit the Switch eShop on 21 May 2020, for $15.99 USD. The game sees 1 – 4 players attempting to invite 8 different monsters out to a prom before their opponents can!

This release of the game will include all previous content updates plus its ‘Second Term’ DLC pack. Check out the official trailer below, along with more details:

“Monster Prom: XXL – the bundled up, content filled edition of Monster Prom has been cleared for its Nintendo Switch release and will be hitting the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch on May 21st.

This version of the game will include both the Second Term downloadable content pack, as well as all the seasonal content released throughout the game’s lifespan.

Monster Prom: XXL will be available for pre-purchase starting April 27th, for 15.99 $, or your regional equivalent.”