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Announced For Pokemon Masters + Ho-oh Event Teaser | NintendoSoup
Wallace & Milotic Spotlight Scout Officially Announced For Pokemon Masters + Ho-oh Event Teaser

Wallace & Milotic Spotlight Scout Officially Announced For Pokemon Masters + Ho-oh Event Teaser

DeNA has officially announced the next sync pair being added to Pokemon Masters.

The sync pair this time is Wallace & Milotic, the Water-Type Gym Leader (and occasional Champion) of the Hoenn region. DeNA also shared a short video of their sync move which you can find below:

In addition, the Pokemon Masters Twitter account also shared a teaser clip from the upcoming Ho-oh Legendary Event, which is titled “Pure Hearts and Rainbow Wings”.

If the recent datamine is to be believed, both the Wallace & Milotic Sync Pair Scout as well as the Ho-oh Legendary Event will begin later this week on April 30th. We will be sure to bring all the latest updates as they come.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.