Monster Puzzle Announced For Switch, Launches May 9

Monster Puzzle Announced For Switch, Launches May 9

If you love grid-based puzzles, this adorable title will be right up your alley.

Flynn’s Arcade has revealed that Monster Puzzle is hitting Nintendo Switch on 9 May 2019, for $4.99 USD. Navigate a psychedelic world to collect precious dreams, and make sure not to fall to your doom!

Check out an earlier trailer below.

Far away, lost in another dimension, there‘s a world where human dreams come to life. A land built upon sweet dreams where Trekkie and her friends live, safe from the bitter monsters inhabiting the dark world of nightmares. But even all the fear and anguish in the land of the human aren’t enough for the nightmare monsters, who are stealing the dreams of Trekkie‘s world, keeping them hidden while dreams are corrupted and transformed into nightmares. Help Trekkie find their dreams before it‘s too late!


  • 50+ levels
  • Charming world with a cartoon, minimalistic style
  • Retro-inspired 8-bit sound effects and music
  • Avoid your enemies