Monster Tale Heading To ‘Modern Platforms’ In 2021

Monster Tale Heading To ‘Modern Platforms’ In 2021

It looks like Nintendo fans will soon get to witness the return of a sleeper-hit adventure this year!

Majesco Entertainment has announced that Monster Tale will be heading to modern game platforms in 2021. The original Monster Tale launched on Nintendo DS back in 2011 – and saw players controlling Ellie on the top screen while managing her friend Chomp’s growth on the bottom screen.

Currently, no platforms have been confirmed for this modern re-release. We’ll report back as we hear more in the future.

In the meantime, here’s the official press release from Majesco Entertainment:

On the heels of the latest release of Double Dragon: Neon on Nintendo Switch, Majesco Entertainment is excited to announce that the long-loved Nintendo DS classic Monster Tale will be finding its way onto modern game platforms in 2021. Developed by Dreamrift, Monster Tale left its mark by bringing a nostalgic feel and a vibrant world featuring the human monster duo of Ellie and Chomp.

Players in Monster Tale experience a seamless blend of classic gameplay styles of puzzle-platformers, Metroidvania, and pet management as they seek to rid the fantastic Monster World of the evil ragtag group the Kid-Kings. Working together Ellie and Chomp must learn new skills in order to return the world to the rightful hands of the monsters and help Ellie return home.

Monster Tale features a beautifully crafted world of 2D pixel artwork reminiscent of classic 90’s titles. As players explore the world as Ellie, they’ll unlock new abilities for her to use to overcome the obstacles she faces. They’ll also help to train her monster companion Chomp so that he can evolve and aid Ellie in their adventures.

Full of captivating whimsy and adventure, Monster Tale will be coming to current platforms in the coming year. For more information visit Majesco Entertainment at their official site or on Twitter.

If you’re still curious about Monster Tale, here’s an old trailer for the original DS release (courtesy of Nintendo Life):