Moonlighter Hits 150K Switch Copies Sold, First Paid DLC Planned For Summer 2019

Moonlighter Hits 150K Switch Copies Sold, First Paid DLC Planned For Summer 2019

Indie studio Digital Sun and 11 bit studios have revealed that Moonlighter has now sold over 500k copies across all platforms with 150k copies sold on Switch alone!

In addition, a brand new expansion, “Between Dimensions” DLC, is now in the works and is planned for a Summer 2019 release. To date, this will be the first paid DLC coming for the game.

Between Dimensions DLC Features:

  • New Monsters – Expand the main experience by filling current dungeons with new creatures.
  • The Interdimensional Dungeon – An all-new dungeon swarming with powerful new mini-bosses.
  • New Gear – Adventurers can pick up a plethora of new weapons, armors, shop items, and rings.
  • Trick Weapons – Never before seen Trick Weapons will grant players special powers, but they might come with a price! Twisting Moonlighter’s mechanics in new and inventive ways, these new weapons will punish your enemies, but might just be a little err… tricky at the same time.

By the way, to celebrate the milestone, Moonlighter is currently on sale for 33% off its regular price at the North American eShop. The sale price will also be hitting the European eShop on April 11.

Check out the tweet and announcement below:

Digital Sun and 11 bit studios’ Moonlighter was an indie darling in 2018 and today it celebrates a major milestone! The story of Will, whose daily shopkeeping routine keeps his business prosperous and whose adventurous destiny pushes him to explore dungeons and slash monsters has now sold over 500,000 copies across all platforms including PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

Launching first on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, the action RPG with roguelite elements took a few more months to finally hit the Nintendo Switch and has been doing fantastic numbers for the indie publisher. Recently hitting the eShop in Japan, Moonlighter debuted in fifth position in its first week helping propel the game to a total of 150,000 copies sold on the platform.

While the mobile version of Moonlighter is currently in development, and numerous free updates have landed in the game on all platforms, the designers are also working on a brand new addition to expand the Moonlighter universe! Planning for a Summer 2019 release and coming to all platforms, Between Dimensions is an all new DLC set to make Moonlighter more exciting than ever!

In celebration of half a million units sold, Moonlighter is on sale right now for 40% off on Steam and 33% off on the Nintendo eShop in North America. The sale price hits the European eShop on April 11th, 2019.