More Evidence The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Leaks Are Real Have Surfaced

More Evidence The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Leaks Are Real Have Surfaced

Earlier this morning, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate marketing materials revealing the final roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters were leaked online.

Many in the community believed that the leaks were true, while some believed it may have been faked. To find out whether the photos are real, several members of the industry (Source Gaming, Liam Robertson, Leak Review) came together to investigate the source of the leaks, and it’s pointing to be true in some way.

According to Leak Review, the photos were traced back to a Snapchat story, the most unlikely and unexpected place for something as big as this to be leaked. The photos included internal design documents, the final version of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate “Everyone is here” artwork, and even promotional artwork for the upcoming movie The Grinch.

But here’s where things become really fun – Leak Review discovered the name of the leaker, who is called Eric Bricard.

Leak Review then figured out where Eric Bricard currently works at – a company called ACP-PLV, which prints promotional material for companies such as Bandai Namco Entertainment. But it’s unclear whether Nintendo is a client of ACP-PLV. The LinkedIn profile appears to be real.

Industry insider Liam Robertson has also confirmed with ACP-PLV through a friend that Eric is indeed working there as an artist. Source Gaming’s PushDustin remains neutral on the leak, saying that it’s easy to fake the artwork on the wristband, but there’s still other evidence out there proving it’s real.

If someone is able to prove there’s a connection between ACP-PLV and Nintendo of Europe, the leak will be proven 100% real, and Eric will be fired.

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