More Yo-Kai Watch 4 Details Revealed On Official Website

More Yo-Kai Watch 4 Details Revealed On Official Website

Alongside the announcement of Yo-kai Watch 4‘s delay, its official website has updated with some new information about the game.

The new batch of details explains more of the game’s story, characters and gameplay mechanics. This includes newly introduced characters & Yo-kai, as well as more info about the Konkatsu system and Crank-A-Kai.

Check it all out below:

Story Details

  •  The game begins Nate hanging around in his room when his Mom asks him to run some errands
  • Once he’s done, Nate notices that Whisper is behaving strangely, and finds out he’s been possessed by Hungramps
  • Nate then sends Jibanyan to fight the Yo-kai and free Whisper
  • Afterwards Nate goes out and ends up meeting Katie, but you find out it’s actually Mimikin posing as her
  • Whisper checks his Yo-kai Pad and sees that lots of Yo-kai are gathering at Mt. Wildwood in search of treasure
  • Nate ends up finding a mysterious key that opens a door to the world of Natsume

Newly Confirmed Characters & Yo-Kai

  • Hailey Anne Thomas and USApyon appear in the game, but it doesn’t seem Hailey will be playable
  • Keisuke (Natsume’s brother) and Ayame are in the game
  • Newly-confirmed Yo-Kai include Kyushii (Lightside), Zukkyushii (Shadowside), Hareonna (Lightside), Ameonna (Shadowside), Ungaikyuu (Lightside and Shadowside), and Hinoshin (Lightside and Shadowside)
  • Two new characters include Itsuki and Tae

Gameplay Information

  • The game has 6 playable characters, and you can strengthen them thanks to their Skill Trees
  • You’re free to choose how each character will grow by selecting which branches to focus on
  • You will need to make sure your Yo-kai Watches are well powered up if you want to get the upper hand in battles
  • Once you have selected a character to strengthen, you have to select the branch to power up
    • Branches include Heart, Technique, Body, Bewitching, Friend, and Love
  • Stopwatching lets you check out details about your opponents and your allies both before and during battles
    • This can also be used to switch party members and use items
    • Stopwatching has 4 functions:
      • Basic Information
      • Use items
      • Place target pin
      • Switch party members
  • Befriending Yo-kai is done via a gameplay system known as Konkatsu, with a character called Konsaru
    • During battle, you can collect the “soul” of enemy Yo-kai, and then, you bring that “soul” to Konsaru
    • Konsaru will trade the soul for a Yo-Kai’s Ark
    • Konsaru provides 4 services:
      • Matching: you can trade the souls collected for some Yo-kai. Even if there’s two of the same Yo-kai, their nicknames and levels may be different. If you meet the right conditions, you can trade for whichever Yo-kai you want from the list.
      • Training: you can use the souls collected to train Yo-kai, and make them stronger.
      • Soubi Custom: you can use the souls collected to craft or strengthen some weapons to be used by the 6 Watchers.
      • Souls list: allows you to check out the various souls collected.
  • The game includes a strange underground where you can find Lord Enma’s Palace
    • This is where the ruler of the Yo-kai world resides, but the current ruler is Kaira, not Lord Enma
  • Each world has its own Crank-a-kai
    • You can use coins obtained from various places to use the Crank-a-Kai and get Yo-kai
    • Once you’ve found a Crank-a-Kai, it will automatically appears in Gachaland, so that you don’t have to travel to each world
    • Each time you use a Crank-a-Kai, you get Gacha Points that you can then trade for various prizes
    • If you tap the Yo-kai Ark toy distributed in theaters, you can unlock a special item in-game: the Kokusou Nekotama

Yo-Kai Watch 4 is now scheduled to launch on June 20 in Japan for Switch.