Morphies Law Struggling To Attract Playerbase, Developers Planning New Content

Morphies Law Struggling To Attract Playerbase, Developers Planning New Content

It seems like multiplayer shooter Morphies Law is not capturing as many active players as its developers had hoped.

Cosmoscope is now planning free content updates in a bid to attract audiences back into the game. They did not give any details about what these updates would be.

Check it out below:

Dear Morphies around the globe,

Due to a bunch of reasons – some of which we could influence, others not – our launch wasn’t good and sadly it’s hard to find full games these days. This sucks for a multiplayer game and we are determined to fix this situation. For this to happen though, we need to make a big splash.

We can’t tell you yet what this big splash will be, but we can tell you this: You will get A LOT more Morphies Law – for free! We just ask you to be patient for a little while.

The whole team is hard at work improving things and implementing new ideas and content, some of which we think will make a big difference, and once it’s ready we believe it will convince people to go back to stealing mass and morphing massively, and not just on the Switch!

Whether Santa will deliver the package we don’t know yet, but we can tell you that it won’t be the Easter Bunny.

Soon we’ll start sharing some more details about what we are working on, and we’ll be updating this page with that information. Worry not, we’ll let you know on social media whenever there’s an update!

Thank you all for your support until now, it’s been fantastic and we will make sure that you aren’t disappointed with what’s to come.

Team Morphies Law

Hopefully they can get themselves back into players’ good graces with these plans. Otherwise, it is likely that the game’s multiplayer scene will all but fizzle out in a few months’ time.


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