Mother Blames Pokemon For Unemployed Adult Son’s Mental Illness

Mother Blames Pokemon For Unemployed Adult Son’s Mental Illness

In Japan, many adolescents and young adults suffer from a psychiatric disorder called Hikikomori. Hikikomori refer to people who withdraw themselves from social life, isolating themselves from the world. In severe cases, Hikkomori do not leave their homes for decades, and this even affects adults of working age.

A Japanese mother, who has an unemployed 38 year old adult son suffering from Hikkomori, has come out to write about her experience on the Internet. The mother blames herself and the education system for causing her son to fall into Hikkomori.

The 38 year old adult son, who has no friends or social life, will shut himself in his room the moment someone mentions about “working” or “meeting someone of the opposite sex”.

Then she further explained in the next paragraph the true reason – Pokemon. When her son was younger, she bought him Pokemon as a present. Although he played Pokemon during high school and university, he still did well in his exams.

But soon problems came. Instead of job hunting, the son said “I have decided to play Pokemon forever.” He also decided to quit university.

Unfortunately there is no easy solution to this problem, but we wish both mother and son the best.

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