Mysterious Coin Pokemon Officially Appearing In Pokemon GO

Mysterious Coin Pokemon Officially Appearing In Pokemon GO

A few hours ago, we reported that Pokemon GO dataminers had discovered a mysterious unannounced Pokemon within the game’s files.

Now, it seems this mysterious Pokemon is now officially appearing in Pokemon GO. After the end of today’s Pokemon GO Community Day classic, players may stumble upon golden Pokestops while playing the game. Spinning this golden Pokestop will play a short cutscene featuring Professor Willow and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet‘s Jacq, and will cause a small uncatcheable version of the datamined Pokemon to start following them on the overworld. From then on, spinning any Pokestop will add some coin items to the player’s inventory, which seem to have something to do with the new Pokemon.

Presumably, this means that the new Pokemon will be officially revealed by The Pokemon Company soon. Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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