Mysterious Sonic Statue Found In The Mountains Of Japan

Mysterious Sonic Statue Found In The Mountains Of Japan

YouTube content creator Badnik Mechanic has released a series of videos following the mystery of a classic Sonic The Hedgehog statue being randomly found in the mountains of Japan.

The story is very interesting to hear so we recommend watching the videos below before reading the rest of the article:

Here is a summary of the events:

On December 20th 2015, a Japanese biking enthusiast was riding through the mountains in Japan and was then met with a mysterious seemingly abandoned Sonic statue left tied to a tree. The location couldn’t be found yet though as the biker didn’t remember the route they took.

In summer 2016, new image of the statue surfaced online but fans didn’t notice until early 2017. The person who took the picture also didn’t remember the statue’s location.

In March 2018, a user of the Sonic Stadium forums managed to find the Sonic statue on Google Street View. The location was kept a secret in order to take videos to preserve the statue before making it public. The only information available was that it was a 15-30 minute driving distance from Kindai University Technical College.

In September 2018, a fan noticed that the statue is actually from a SEGA World Japan arcade which was discovered from an old advert.

A fan who was in the area of the statue managed to receive it’s location and decided to visit it and take a video showcasing it. The video revealed that the statue has received major damage.

The statue was soon after given landmark status on Google Maps which even gave it a Pokemon GO Pokestop.

Another video of the statue was uploaded which revealed more of it’s details such as cracks on the arm which will eventually increase and cause it to sag then snap off.

Then on the official Sonic YouTube channel’s livestream, Aaron Webber ,who works on PR for Sonic, commented on the situation after fans spammed the chat asking about it saying that SEGA will be looking into it.

But then, a Japanese site managed to find out many details about the statue including who owned it. The statue marked an entrance to a villa and the villa’s previous owner was the owner of the statue.

Sadly it was revealed that the owner of the statue passed away a few years ago but the family of the man revealed the following:

It seems that he had the statue as decoration to mark the entrance to his villa and welcome people.


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